Photo: átoa Shop

3F átoa LAB Shop

atoa LAB

The shop is tucked away in átoa LAB, a library-like space surrounded by books.
We sell beautiful, adorable original goods that can only be purchased within the museum.
Why not try looking for your favorite goods?

  • Fish stamp

    Fish stamp ¥300

    [átoa Original]
    The stamps are handmade from scratch by our staff, modeled after the creatures that live in átoa. They will be handed over to you with a stamp of a flower for each season. Be sure to collect them!

  • Paper cut fish stamp

    Paper cut fish stamp ¥1,000

    [átoa Original]
    A delicate paper cutting style fish stamp.
    We also recommend taking photos by looking through the glass into an aquarium.


    STAMP NOTE ¥500

    [átoa Original]
    In addition to collecting stamps placed in five locations throughout the museum, please take your time to explore the museum while reading the explanations of creatures and finding the creatures in the illustrations that appear on the pages. It would be a shame to assume that stamps are just for children. This is a STAMP NOTE that adults will want as well.

  • Postcard

    Postcards [2-frame version] (10 types in total) ¥200 each

    [átoa Original]
    Introducing the ecology and characteristics of living things through humorous two-panel comics that will make you chuckle!

  • Penguin Acrylic Keychain

    Penguin acrylic keychains (7 types) ¥700 each

    [átoa Original]
    The Humboldt penguins that live in átoa are now available as acrylic keychains! Check out your favorite penguins!

  • The exciting daily life of an aquarium keeper

    The exciting daily life of an aquarium keeper ¥1,540
    /Some kind of bacteria (author)

    A four-panel comic essay that depicts the extraordinary daily life of an aquarium keeper who pours love and passion into the creatures he cares for. After reading this, your visit to the aquarium will surely be 10 times more enjoyable!

  • A guide to the unique aquariums of Japan

    A guide to the unique aquariums of Japan ¥1,210
    /Fish Brother Kawa-chan (Author)

    The author, who is active all over the country as a "fish guy," conveys the lovable charm of aquariums in this illustrated essay, a four-panel comic full of cute illustrations and witty remarks.

  • Fish Karuta

    Fish Karuta / Freshwater Fish Karuta ¥3,960 each
    Fish Karuta Plus Legendary Fish Version/Sea Fish Version ¥1,320 each

    This is a card game where you can guess what kind of fish it is just by its skin (pattern and color). The sparkle of the fish reflecting light and the unevenness of its scales are reproduced using special printing techniques, so you can enjoy looking at them, touch them with your eyes closed, or even float them in water to play with.

  • Ring Notebook

    A5 ring notebook (white/black) ¥770 each

    [Tomita Iori's "Transparent Specimen" series]
    Transparent specimens - something very different from the impression you might have of a "specimen." Although they are living organisms, their shapes are so beautiful that they appear as if they were made of minerals. This notebook has a cover designed with a "transparent specimen."

  • Clear Underlay

    B5 Clear Desk Pad Biology (White/Clear) ¥770 each

    [Tomita Iori's "Transparent Specimen" series]
    The cover has a beautiful "transparent specimen" design on it. It is a popular item at átoa.

Photo: Atoa Cafe

4F cafe

atoa cafe

A garden cafe stand in the sky where you can feel KOBE (sea and mountains).
FOOD and DRINK that will make you want to take pictures.
A place for customers to take a breather after enjoying átoa.

  • croquette.jpg

    Polka dot black croquette (curry flavor) \400

    The crispy exterior and pitch black filling. The slightly spicy curry flavor is irresistible!

  • capybara.jpg

    Capybara American Hot Dog ¥780

    The popular capybara from SKYSHORE on the 4th floor has been turned into an corn dog! The ears are made from deep-fried pasta and the capybara's soothing face is branded on it. It's a satisfying corn dog!

  • Penguin soda.jpg

    Penguin Float Set for Parents and Children to Enjoy
    [Summer Limited] ¥1,100

    A paired drink that can be enjoyed by close friends, parents and children, or couples! Choose your favorite drink and enjoy your float! It comes with a penguin-themed monaka from SKYSHORE on the 4th floor!

  • Atoa_otter_dog_drink_set_1920_1280.png

    Otter Cuddle Dog ¥900

    Red cheddar cheese and tomato ketchup go perfectly with the simple sausage and bread. Easy to eat for adults and children alike, the familiar flavor is one of our specialties.

  • 202204kawauso.jpg

    Otter holding potato consomme ¥660
    Gooey cheese ¥710

    This potato cup is based on the otter's habit of hugging its favorite pebbles.

  • 202204churros.jpg

    Piranha Nattelli Churros ¥660
    Octopus Churros ¥660

    Churros with a motif of Piranha Nattelli on display at CAVE. A cinnamon flavor that sparkles with golden powder on the black fabric. Churros with an octopus motif drawn on the foyer's wall art "Takofuji." A red, sweet and sour raspberry flavor made with beets in the dough.

  • MIYABI shake.jpg

    MIYABI Shake ¥780

    A beautiful shake with a red and white contrast, inspired by MIYABI, the symbol of harmony and light. It has yogurt on the bottom and a strawberry and milk mix soft serve ice cream in the middle, a popular item at Atour Cafe, MIYABI soft serve ice cream. It is topped with whipped cream and strawberry sauce!

  • 202204miyabisoft.jpg

    MIYABI software ¥770

    The red part is strawberry soft serve mixed with strawberry puree, the white part is rich milk soft serve, and the red and white MIYABI soft serve has the taste of strawberry milk.

  • Handmade otter bun ¥660

    ATOA CAFE original design. The character man expresses expressions that otters don't usually do. Both have a delicious chocolate cream flavor inside.

    *For the time being, we will be selling in limited quantities.

  • Otter eclair ¥660

    An eclair that looks like an otter poking its head out of a bag. Express the cute form of an otter using chocolate sponge. Inside the eclair is chocolate cream.

    *For the time being, we will be selling in limited quantities.

  • Straw cookie ¥330

    Otter Cookie with a charming expression and open mouth. When you insert it into a straw, it looks like the straw is coming out of your mouth. Also perfect as a souvenir. The flavor is a sweet icing cookie.

  • Aquarium bubble squash ¥780
    Aquarium bubble sour (alcohol) ¥900

    A refreshing soda drink with a round jelly floating in the shape of a bubble. The sparkling crushed jelly has a rich floral scent that will make you feel gorgeous.

  • 202204lemonade.jpg

    AQUA honey lemonade soda \630

    A refreshing honey lemonade soda with a bright blue color inspired by an aquarium.

*The provision of alcohol may be suspended due to requests from the government.

Photo: Museum shop

1F Museum Shop


We deliver carefully selected museum goods such as stuffed animals supervised by zookeepers and collaboration products with famous brands from Hyogo and Kobe.

*Can also be used only at the museum shop.

  • Real stuffed toy Humboldt penguin ¥3,300

    The beak and face pattern are exquisitely balanced, the legs are webbed, and the butt has a cloaca.This is a realistic stuffed animal supervised by a caretaker who is very particular about it.

  • Stuffed toy small-clawed otter ¥2,900

    There are many adorable features such as the appropriate size, slim form typical of an otter, long tail, embroidered small claws and paw pads on the soles of the feet.

  • Polka dot stingray cushion ¥3,300

    A cushion with a diameter of approximately 40 cm that attracts the eye with a white polka dot pattern on a black background. The stingray-shaped stitching is inspired by the fluttering pectoral fins.

  • Clothed mole rat stuffed toy átoa limited edition ¥2,550

    An adorable stuffed naked mole rat that fits in the palm of your hand. Supervised by zookeepers. We pay close attention to details such as the body form, facial expression, front and lower teeth, color, small eyes and ears, whisker holes, small limbs, and wrinkles on the neck.

  • Paku Paku stuffed toy veiled chameleon ¥4,200

    This is a stuffed toy that you can play with by putting your hand in the veiled chameleon's mouth. It uses a distinctive fabric that appears in various colors depending on the angle, and it's not just the pattern that makes it stand out, but also the impactful face.

  • Insect Eat stuffed toy veiled chameleon ¥2,900

    If you pull the ladybug in the veiled chameleon's mouth, the ladybug will be drawn into the veiled chameleon.

  • átoa×Kobe Black Tea Flower Blend Tea ¥800
    Blue blend tea ¥800

    We have developed two types of átoa's original black tea with ``Kobe Black Tea,'' a tea manufacturing company with a history of over 90 years that was the first in Japan to manufacture tea bags using machines.

  • átoa×Kobe INK Story Special Color SKYSHORE ¥2,750
    Special color MARINE NOTE ¥2,950
    Special color ELEMENTS ¥2,750
    Special color PLANETS ¥2,750

    Nagasawa Stationery Center Co., Ltd., which develops ink with the theme of the colorful scenery of Kobe, has developed átoa color ink inspired by átoa's exhibition space and ``Kobe INK Story''.

  • átoa Sakuch Horoch (10 pieces) ¥1,200

    This is a collaboration product with Suzette Holdings Co., Ltd.'s C3 (C-Cube), which has stores in department stores and malls across the country and is well-known and popular among women for its delicious taste.

  • átoa JIB SJ open tote M ¥9,800
    átoa JIB bucket tote S ¥6,000
    átoa JIB boxfish pouch ¥4,200

    This is an original product from átoa in collaboration with JIB Co., Ltd., which makes handmade bags and accessories using sail cloth from yachts.

  • Seamless boxer shorts chameleon ¥2,200
    Naked mole rat ¥2,200

    Definitely an impact! Boxer shorts with illustrations of veiled chameleons and naked mole rats exhibited in the "ELEMENTS/Spirit Forest" zone.

Photo: Food hall

1F Food Hall


Kobe's largest food hall, with 9 shops selected by the Kobe-based brand "TOOTH TOOTH." In addition to Kobe beef, Western food and sweets, you can also enjoy Kobe craft beer and Nada sake.
*It is also possible to use the food hall only.