átoa chatter

Let's talk with us!

átoa's happy friends

Many creatures live together peacefully in átoa .
Among them, there are four that stand out.
It is said that they have acquired a special ability to speak human language.
Anyway, the four of us love to talk, so
You may be surprised if someone suddenly speaks to you.
However, they are all knowledgeable about living things and átoa .
Please feel free to ask any questions!

chatter's PROJECT


Andres' Kobe Stroll ~Nankinmachi Edition~

In this project, Andres from ATOA Chatter takes a walk around Kobe and introduces tourist attractions.This time, Andres takes a walk around Nankinmachi!

ATOA Chatter & IBERIs& collaboration special program

The last post on ATOA Chatter YouTube in 2023 commemorates the collaboration between FFBE and átoa, and ATOA Chatter also has a special collaboration! We will have fun with various projects together with the three FFBE supporting artists “#IBERIs&” (#Haruka Minami, #Hanako Ogawa, and #Momoko Nishio)!

Special collaboration!

Matsuken x Ammon Dance Battle

The Special Event! Matsuken x Anmone! Ken Matsudaira will be visiting us on November 12, 2022 to commemorate átoa's 1st anniversary! Matsuken and Ammon have a dream dance battle! ? I'll send you the details!


2nd ATOA Chatter Digest at Home

Online event "2nd ATOA Chatter at Home" held using ZOOM on Sunday, October 29, 2023. We will deliver a digest of the conversations with customers at the event!

Collaboration distribution ③

[ATOA Chatter x Kaigetsu Shell] Live broadcast on YouTube!

The distribution will be done on each channel with different themes. We will deliver a variety of projects for two hours, including a virtual tour introducing átoa, which was popular last time, the song ``VTuber One Question and Answer Self-Introduction (átoa version)'' devised by Shell Kaizuki, and a lecture on how to sing cutely. Masu. ① Shell Kagetsu's channel: 19:00-20:00 "Kobe átoa Virtual Tour" ② átoa official channel: 20:00-21:00 "Shel Kagetsu teaches! Let's sing cutely! Singing lessons"

Collaboration delivery ②

2nd #Sea VTuber Gathering x ATOA Chatter ~Digest Edition~

We bring you a digest of the [2nd #Marine VTuber Gathering] in which Anmone and Okei participated! [Organizer] ChumuNote & [Guest] Mendako-chan and lots of talks! Organizer: ChumuNote ( @ChumuNote ) Guest: Mendako-chan ( @mendakochannel )

Andres' Kobe Stroll #1

In this project, Andres walks around Kobe and introduces tourist attractions.This time, we took a walk from átoa to Meriken Park! If you have any other places you would like Andres to take a walk, please let us know in the comments section! Maybe Andres will go for a walk! ?

What is blue carbon? ~Explanation with tiara! ~

What is blue carbon? We used the wall art in the museum to explain it along with the tiara! We have also set up a special website where you can learn about blue carbon, so please take a look. BLUE CARBON “átoa” official homepage

Collaboration distribution ①

[ATOA Chatter x Mina Kujuku] Live broadcast on YouTube!

The distribution will be done on each channel with different themes. Even if you have never been to átoa or Kobe, you can fully immerse yourself in the charm of átoa and Kobe for 2 hours! Please enjoy the collaboration. ① Mina Kujuku's channel: 19:00 - 20:00 "átoa Virtual Tour" ② Official átoa channel: 20:00 - 21:00 "Kobe's attractive spots taught by Mina Kujuku"

Let's go to átoa on Andres' Port Loop!

Andres from ATOA Chatter will take you to átoa on the [Port Loop]! If you look at this, you will know how to get from Sannomiya to átoa! ? *Photography cooperation: Shinki Bus Co., Ltd.

member PROFILE


Ask me anything about átoa!

andres illustration

individual speciesRed-eyed tree frog

birthCosta Rica

birthdayJune 8th (Gemini)

favoritecrickets, flies

age1 year and 4 months old (16 years old in human terms)

Self-introduction MOVIE

Let's have a stylish chat

tiara illustration

individual speciesGreen puffer fish


birthdaySeptember 7th (Virgo)

favoritesomething sparkling

age1 year old (19 years old in human terms)

Self-introduction MOVIE

Can you answer my quiz?

Ammon illustration

individual speciesammonite

birthSeas near Japan

birthdayUnknown (Sagittarius?)

favoriteshrimp, small fish

age121,031,082 years old

Self-introduction MOVIE

My fortune telling is correct!

scenery illustration

individual speciesJapanese otter

birthHyogo Prefecture/Awaji Island

birthdayMay 3rd (Taurus)

favoritecrab, shrimp

age1 year old (years old in human terms)

Self-introduction MOVIE

Four of them are waiting for you inside the átoa building.
Please come and see us!
We are posting lots of interesting things on YouTube and SNS.
Thank you for your follow and support!