Aquarium × Art

Welcome to a mysterious world where art and creatures coexist.

The creatures you encounter in a space that looks like a scene from a movie or stage play. átoa is a new type of urban aquarium that combines aquarium and art. Each zone has a symbolic aquarium representing the theme, Providing healing and excitement to visitors,
We will create experiential value as a new cultural facility.

Symbol aquarium representing the zone theme

Approximately 60 aquariums have an aquarium design that symbolizes the zone theme. Among them, the spherical aquarium (tank name: AQUA TERRA), which is the largest in Japan, and the glass-bottomed aquarium (tank name: átoa), which makes you feel as if you are walking on the surface of the water, are the result of átoa's fantastic and original ideas. It has come true.
These aquariums are home to a variety of creatures, including fish, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Numerous aquatic arts enhance cultural value

átoa combines stage art and digital art with an aquarium at its core, bringing out the beauty and mystery of living things. Performances that can be felt with all five senses, such as sound, light, and scent, heighten the sense of being in a fantastic and original world. In addition, the "frames" serve as icons for the artworks scattered throughout the museum. If you find a "picture frame" in the museum, please check it.

Theater aquarium entertainment

The two central stages of the theatrical aquarium átoa.
"MIYABI" and "PLANETS" perform entertainment shows that synchronize aquariums, sounds, and lights.