About access

Approximately 18 minutes walk south from Sannomiya Station on each line

  • Shinki Bus/Kobe Municipal Bus From Sannomiya Station, bound for Port Loop or Port Island, get off at "Shinkocho" stop.

There is no dedicated parking lot.
There are coin parking lots nearby, so please use the nearest parking lot.
Example) Times Kobe Shinkocho

There is no bicycle parking lot.

There is no driveway. There is a large space around the building, so you can get on and off the bus there. Please be considerate so as not to cause any inconvenience to the surrounding area.

About tickets

[When making a reservation online]
You can purchase tickets from your smartphone or PC by selecting your desired visit date and time online.
If you download the ''WEB ticket'' before your visit, you will be able to enter smoothly without having to exchange a ticket.

[If you visit and purchase]
Please use the counter or automatic ticket vending machine. On certain days and during busy periods, you may be given a designated entry time. We may not be able to meet your desired time. Please note.

There is a fee for children over 3 years old.
Children under 3 years old can enter for free.


Please present the original of your notebook at the counter or entrance gate (if you have made a reservation in advance). (Physical Disability Certificate, Mentally Disabled Person's Health and Welfare Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate only) You and one accompanying person can purchase at a discounted rate.

Please refrain from entering only those under elementary school age. Please enter with your guardian.

[Notes for children (especially preschoolers)]

  • There are dark areas and flashing lights inside the building.
  • There are places where the floor is on the water surface.

On certain days and during busy periods, you may be given a designated entry time. You may not be able to enter at your desired time. Also, there is no time limit after entering the venue, so please enjoy your time at your leisure.

We will assist you at the counter, so please ask our staff.

There is no need to register as a member when making a reservation.

We do not offer refunds, so for those who came on the day, we will inform you about the change in admission time. However, we may not be able to meet your desired time, so please consider this before purchasing.
In addition, in case of delays due to traffic conditions, you can come to the venue on the same day.

Date and time cannot be changed. Regarding cancellations, if there are unavoidable reasons (such as poor health), please contact us by phone.

By downloading the "WEB ticket" , you can enter smoothly without having to exchange a ticket.

We have a counter and an automatic ticket vending machine, so you can purchase tickets directly on the day. However, on certain days and during busy periods, we may ask you to enter at a designated time. You may not be able to enter at your desired time. If you have a specific date and time for your visit, we recommend that you make a reservation online in advance.

There are several.
For details, please check the ticket purchase screen.

Tickets will not be sold at convenience stores. If you have a specific date for your visit, please make a reservation online. You can purchase web tickets here .

If you are paying at the counter on the day of your visit, you can use any of the payment methods below.
Cash, credit card, transportation IC, ID, Rakuten Edy, nanaco, WAON, QR payment (PayPay, au/docomo payment, etc.)


About group use

There is no eating and drinking space inside átoa. We also ask that you refrain from bringing in food and drinks.

Limited to groups of 20 or more who have already made reservations.
*Only for the secretary (up to 3 people).
*There are exceptions to reception hours and preview visit days.
For more information, please see [For group users] .

About the service

you can't. However, if you have a special reason, please consult the staff.

There are no restrictions on viewing time. Please enjoy your time at your convenience.

We are open all year round. However, the facility may be closed for facility maintenance.

Most of the exhibition space is indoors, so you can enjoy visiting even on rainy days. However, "SKY SHORE" on the 4th floor is an outdoor area, so you may get wet in the rain. We do not rent umbrellas, so please bring your own umbrella.

It takes about 1 hour just for viewing.

There are routes for each area, but you are free to explore as you please. However, the route may be limited depending on the congestion situation.

English signs are available throughout the facility.

You are free to take photos inside the facility. However, please enjoy the event as long as you do not cause inconvenience to other customers (do not occupy space with large equipment, etc.). To protect wildlife, please refrain from using flash photography in prohibited areas. Please refrain from live streaming etc.
Please contact us regarding commercial use and commercial photography.

The following items are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

  • Food and drinks (*You may only bring water bottles and plastic bottles.)
  • Common dangerous objects such as knives and explosives
  • Dollys such as carry wagons and Radio Flyers, large strollers such as tricycles (with pedals), and senior cars.
  • Vehicle-type play equipment (skateboards, kickboards, Segways, balance scooters, tricycles, etc.)
  • tripod or selfie stick
  • Pets and animals (*excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs)

If you have any of the above items, there are paid coin lockers on the 2nd floor of átoa, so please leave them there.

Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks. However, you may bring in drinks such as plastic bottles with lids.

Please use coin lockers for your luggage. As the viewing passageway is narrow in some areas, we recommend that you carry your child with you when entering the venue. There is also a stroller storage area near the entrance. There are a limited number of places where you can store your items.
*We are not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft at the stroller storage area.

We do not offer rentals.

We do rent it out. If you are interested, please contact the information staff. However, as the number of units is limited, we may not be able to lend you one. Also, reservations cannot be made.

However, when the venue is crowded, there may not be enough space for viewing, and strollers may come into contact with other customers, so we recommend that you enter while carrying your child. *We do not allow entry with large strollers.
(Example) Carry wagon type, tricycle type with pedals, etc.


[Senior car]
Please refrain from entering.

Assistance dogs such as guide dogs and hearing dogs may enter the venue together.

Please refrain from entering the venue with pets.

We do not call customers at átoa.

Please ask at the information desk or a nearby staff member.

Smoking is completely prohibited on the premises of the hotel. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have forgotten something from the day before, please contact the Kobe Port Museum Management Office.
Management office phone number: 078-321-7655 (Reception hours 9:00-20:00)

About buildings and equipment

There is no space for eating and drinking food such as bento boxes, so please refrain from bringing your own food and drinks. There is also a food hall on the 1st floor of Kobe Port Museum and a cafe (átoa café) on the 4th floor, so please feel free to use them.

There is a museum shop on the 1st floor of Kobe Port Museum. It is also possible to use only the shop.

There are paid coin lockers on the 2nd floor of átoa.
Small: 21 pieces 300 yen
Medium: 6 pieces 500 yen
Large: 4 pieces 600 yen

The facility is wheelchair accessible. However, there are some steps in the museum shop on the 1st floor and "SKY SHORE" on the 4th floor that have only stairs. Please note.

There is a baby room (nursing room + diaper changing area) on the 2nd floor of átoa.
This is limited to one group only. Available for both men and women.

There is a water heater for breastfeeding in the baby room on the 2nd floor of átoa, so please use it.

There is a baby seat in the baby room on the 2nd floor of átoa. There is also a diaper changing room on the third floor. (One)

There are two locations in the building (one each on the 2nd and 3rd floors).

You can enjoy your meal at the food hall on the 1st floor of Kobe Port Museum. There is also a cafe (átoa cafe) on the 4th floor.

Not available in the building.

"KOBE Free Wi-Fi" is available.

Not available in the building.

We will guide you to the first aid room, so please ask the nearest staff member.

In the event of a disaster, please follow the in-house announcements and instructions from staff. Depending on the disaster situation, advisories, and warnings, we will prioritize customer safety and guide evacuation to the appropriate location.